Safer School Bus Rides

Transpooler App helps the caring parents & responsible schools to track the school bus and ensure the safety. No Software or Hardware needed - it works immediately!

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Monitor the bus location during the daily commutes and during trips and excursions
Get instant notification whenever the speed limit is exceeded

Ensure that your kid is off-board after arriving at the school/nursery
Ensure that your kid is on-board before departing from the school/nursery

Communicate instantly and securely with the bus attendant and other parents


Ready to work in 24 hours, no GPS devices, no student cards

It works for the schools' owned buses as well as outsourced fleet. Moreover, it equally serves the parents who appointed independent transporters (private driver, taxi or mini vans)

One APP for All

The bus driver and/or the bus attendant will just need to have an android phone with a built-in GPS, and they will use Transpooler APP during the daily commutes, or the educational trips.

Monitoring a Trip

Monitoring a trip will be managed by the school, and access is easily provided to the parents and their family members authorized by the parents to follow the trip.

Bus Location

The bus driver or/and the bus attendant will use the app while on-board, so the bus location will be visible to all the parents and the school management.

Speed Monitoring

The parents as well as the school will be receiving an alert if the speed exceeded the speed limit. The speed limit set by the school is transparently visible to the parents and the bus driver and the bus attendants.

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  • No one can view the bus location except the authorized parents
  • Parents will see only the bus of their children
  • Each parent will see only the attendance of his/her children
  • School admins can fully manage the system access to drivers and bus attendants

Why Transpooler

  • Studies confirm that having speed monitoring improves safety and reduces accidents rates
  • Transpooler helps the parents to play a significant role in ensuring the safety of the students
  • Transpooler helps the schools, nurseries and colleges to monitor the driving behavior and assess the drivers objectively
  • Transpooler is low-cost and works immediately, unlike the hardware-solutions that are very expensive and takes long time to implement
  • Not only for the daily commutes, but also for the educational trips and excursions. So Transpooler serves all parents and students
  • Transpooler helps the families having private driver, or the neighbors who hired private taxi driver or mini van for the daily school transportation

Transpooler is developed by caring parents, for the parents and schools who care Request FREE Trial!