Innovative attendance taking .. and more!

Apps for the teachers, the students and the parents

For Schools – Academies – Training Centers – Gyms (recording check-in/check-out times)
Use it anywhere: in-class & online sessions & field activities (art/sport academies)
Bulletin board per class for the teacher/trainer to share with the students/parents the new tasks or announcements
Send free notifications to the students/parents or the fellow teachers/trainers


  • Not just attendance but information sharing from Teacher/Trainer App to the Students App
  • 2 possible ways for attendance taking: Check-in/Check-out times per student or mark student as ‘absent’
  • Reports about session times , or absent days
  • The student can place absence request from the students App
  • The students App receives the teacher/trainer messages and view the class information board for notes/announcements
  • Parent App, linked to the student/child account to receive attendance notification and view the class notes/announcements
  • Advanced features for the Schools/Academies managers: Manage multiple classes, teachers accounts, collect students’ feedback/rating after end of class, dashboard to receive students/parents messages or complaints, or teachers’ reported issues

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