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Transpooler App helps the schools & parents to track the school bus and receive the important notifications. It is an innovative school bus tracker without installing GPS devices! Ready Web and Mobile APPs for your school, try for FREE and NO credit card required

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App-based School Bus Tracking System

Live bus tracking during the daily commutes and during field trips
The admins receive instant notification whenever the speed limit is exceeded

Ensure that your kid is off-board after arriving at the school/nursery
Ensure that your kid is on-board before departing from the school/nursery

Communicate instantly and securely with the bus matron, the school and the other parents

No more waiting in the streets: Receive automatic notification when the bus is nearby

No School Bus GPS Needed - It works Immediately!

Transpooler Driver and Matron's APP help them to work smartly, and automagically sends you all the info you need

No students cards needed to capture the In-Bus Attendnace and send parents notifications

Transpooler is an innovative solution to manage an outsourced fleet, and to control your blind-spot

Parents can use it to ensure the safe driving of their private drivers or independent transporters

Add Your Staff

Create your bus lines description and create acounts for your bus driver or bus matrons. They will login on the APP using their accounts , and they will be able to see the bus line info, and can navigate to the required stops.

Seamless Substitution

Replacing the bus matron or assigning new driver to a bus line is no longer a problem. The APP provides the new staff with all the info needed about the students, stops and even the route!

School Bus Tracking

Live tracking for the buses on a powerful dashboard for the school, and on the parents APP. Full trip logs and routes are accessible from the dashboard for auditing and quality control.

Safety & Attendance

The admins receive immediate notification whenever a speed limit is exceeded or off-route violation occurs. Also all violations are stored on the system to be used in the drivers evaluation.

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  • No one can view the bus location except the authorized parents or family members
  • Parents will see only the bus of their children
  • Each parent will see only the attendance of his/her children
  • School admins can manage the parents access to the APP easily and efficiently

Why School Bus APP

Transpooler School Bus Tracking App
  • Studies confirm that having the school bus service monitored improves safety and reduces accidents rates
  • Cut out the hassles in the school bus service, facilitates communications and increase parents satisfaction
  • Transpooler APP dramatically helps the bus drivers and the bus matrons in their daily work, it empowers them to work smarter
  • Transpooler APP is low-cost solution and works immediately, unlike the hardware-solutions that are expensive and require maintenance
  • Transpooler App works everywhere in the world and for large schools as well as small nurseries or activity centres
  • The School Bus Driver APP is the only way to manage non-owned fleet, where the school have no control over the vehicles GPS devices

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