The checklist for high quality school bus service

If the school bus service is one of your concerns , or falls under your responsibility , then this article is maybe for you.

We have compiled few questions , that once answered, you will be able self-assess the quality of the school bus transportation service in your school.

Well .. Ready? Let’s start

  • How do you insure the students’ safety in terms of no-speeding and routes compliance 
  • Does the school have Geo database for the student’s addresses 
  • Are you sure that the routes of all the buses are optimized to the best possible
  • Are you sure that the school isn’t causing unnecessary traffic or pollution to your neighborhood 
  • Did you outsource the transport service to a transportation company who bring their drivers? Then, how do you audit their performance 
  • Can you properly investigate the parent’s complaints of “early departure” or “late arrival” 
  • How can you help your drivers and matrons in their daily work challenges 
  • Do you have efficient communication with parents? Do you keep organized records for such communications 
  • How do you evaluate the performance of the drivers and the matrons 

Historically, what was the case ?

In the past, giving your school a high rank in all the questions above was very difficult. It probably requires lots of tools from different vendors, in addition to processes and control measures.

Today, what has changed ?

Today, the technology can really simplify your life. Mobile APPs proved to do great jobs in entertaining us or connecting us socially , but this wasn’t the end, it can also do amazing jobs in your most serious tasks!

Moreover, cloud computing have also made the deployment of new IT solutions very simple and painless. Gave you accessibility and peace of mind in terms of manageability and support.

So, Whats new ?

Therefore, Transpooler is a complete School Bus Tracking System powered by a simple mobile APP. It covers almost all of the advanced features found in the big and complex systems, and can bring to you what really matters from a full-fledged Fleet Management System.

If your school fleet already equipped with school bus tracker, that’s great for safety and auditing. Yet you maybe need to have other solutions such as attendance, route planning & optimization, and parents APPs ..

Transpooler will be your all -in-one solution. Let your fleet management system does the job it was originally designed for, and leave the rest for Transpooler.

If you rely on outsourced transportation providers, then you have a great blind-spot, then Transpooler will help you get full control over it, Transpooler is APP-based solution that work will be used by the bus matron or the bus drivers, to help them do their work smartly while sending you all what you need to have safe, efficient and superior transportation service!

Transpooler APP is all what you need to have great answers for all questions above – Yes ALL of Them !!

Transpooler App for your school bus or university shuttle

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